(ノ>ω<)ノ 超實用!TOEFL口說範例&技巧大全!  d(`・∀・)b
大家都知道TOEFL托福口說很難,但是!英文實力可以透過努力練習跟技巧來彌補,前面一項筆者只能用默默的祝福來鼓勵大家,但後面一項就讓筆者來盡一點棉薄之力,整理出這一篇實用加好用的TOEFL口說技巧大全吧~ 超實用TOEFL托福口說範例&技巧大全





🔵 Note-taking in the Independent Task


  • 一類問題是自由回答間題(Free-choice Response),如:
    If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Use details to support your response.
  • 另一類是選擇類問題(Paired-choice Response),如:
    Do you like to try new kinds of food or eat the same kind of food all the time? Use details and examples to support your response.



🔷 TST (Topic-Supporting ideas – Transitions)
意思是考生須在草稿紙上用一到兩個詞寫下欲表達的Topic(主題),Supporting ideas(分論點)和Transitions(信號詞)。

🔹 Question:
Sometimes students have to write papers. Sometimes they have to give oral presentations. Which activity do you think is better for students, and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.

考生應迅速在紙上寫下「pap」、「strong read write exams」、「more time think deeply」…等信息。
見以下TST( Topic—Supporting ideas—Transitions )表格:

pap (writing papers is better for students)
Supporting ideas: (Why writing papers is better)

  • strong read write exams (need strong writing skills for reading and writing and prepare for exams)
  • more time think deeply(show understanding for more time to explain and think deeply)

🔹 Transitions: firstly because, so also Sample Answer

I think writing papers is better for students. Firstly we need to develop strong writing skills. We go to school mainly to learn reading and writing, so we need a lot of practice. Examinations require a lot of writing, so writing papers is good reparation. Also, I think writing is a better way to show that I understand. When I write a paper, I can think deeply because I have more time to explain my ideas.



🔹 Question: Where would you want to be professionally in ten years? Use details to support your response.

考生應迅速在紙上寫下「own bus…」、「master」、「work com…」、「start」…等資訊見以下 TST ( Topic—Supporting ideas—Transitions )表格。

🔹 Topic statement:

  • own bus… (I would like to own my own business) Supporting ideas:( How I will work toward owning my business)
  • master (Will get master’s in business )
  • work com… (Will work in company while planning my business)
  • start (Will start my own business when I am ready)
  • Transitions: 10 next because 3 within 10 y (可用y代替 years)

🔹 Sample Answer

In ten years I would like to win an import business of my own. Next year, I will be starting a master’s program in business with a specialization in entrepreneurship. I will be getting this degree because I hope to start my own business and make it successful some day. After I finish my master’s degree three years from now, I will most likely take a position in another company for a few years to make some money and to spend some time planning my own business. Within ten years, I hope to own my own company and be on the way to making it a success.



  1. Some students prepare for tests by studying alone. Others prepare for tests by studying with other students or a tutor. Which study method do you think is better, and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.)
  1. What type of home would you like to live in? Describe the characteristics of such a home and explain why you would like to live there. Include details and examples in your explanation.
  1. Describe an occasion when you were surprised. What happened to you, and why did you feel surprised? Include details and examples in your explanation.
  1. Describe a place that you consider to be beautiful. Explain why certain qualities of this place make it beautiful. Include details and examples to support your explanation. )
  1. Some people relax by staying home. Others relax by going out. Which type of relaxation is better for your and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.
  1. Some people exercise early in the morning. Others exercise in the afternoon or evening. Which time of day do you think is better for exercising and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.


🔵 Note-taking in the Integrated Tasks

🔷 Reading—Listening—Speaking

第3題和第4題以試題中的閱讀和聽力材料為基礎,要求考生回答相關問題。即Reading-Listening-Speaking,具體步驟是首先要求考生在45秒內閱讀一篇短文,一般只含一個段落,隨後短文隱去,播放一段與短文相關的對話或課堂演講,其長度大約為1分半鐘(比listening section中的材料篇幅要短)。

最後,要求考生根據先前閱讀的短文和所聽到的材料回答相關問題,考生有30秒鐘的準備時間,然後進行60秒鐘的回答。而第5題和第6題要求考生先聽一段聽力材料,然後回答相關問題。即Listening-Speaking,聽力材料通常有一段是情景對話,另一段是課堂演講,其長度大約為1分半鐘。考生有20秒鐘的準備時間,之後進行60秒鐘的回答。在綜合口說任務裡,你所需要記筆記的內容就是在讀短文和聽材料的過程中記下材料中的「main points」、「examples」、「reasons」等等。

而是否能很快識別「信號詞」(Signal Words)成為其中的關鍵。

「信號詞」(Signal Words或Transitions)是我們用來「追蹤」說話人的思路的辭彙,它就像「路標」一樣指引著旅行者的方向。有了信號詞,我們就知道說話人何時要舉例子,何時要下結論,何時要解釋原因等等。

🔹 (1) 信號詞
▪ 信號詞的分類  超實用TOEFL托福口說範例&技巧大全

種類 例詞 所表達的含義
Time- Sequence
first, later, next, finally, before, after, now, previously, last, then, when, immediately,  formerly, subsequently, presently, initially, ultimately meanwhile 說話人想按時間順序敍述事件
for example, such as,  for instance, illustrate 舉例子說明:
Black English used to be considered simply poor English until linguists realized that the so-called errors were actually consistent alternative  grammatical forms, some of which originated in African linguistic patterns. For example, the word “be”
and, too, finally, furthermore, first(ly), second, third, last, another, next 說話人羅列觀點
Firstly, I would like to talk about classical music and its representative composers. Next I would like to talk about Jazz music and some influential albums in the history of Jazz. Finally, I will move on to pop music in the last century.
also, in addition, and,  further, another, as well as 說話人在繼續討論同一話題,並欲補充更多的資訊:
A computer is often called a “thinking machine,” and in many ways it is just that.  Computers perform difficult and timesaving mathematical computations, as well as problems in logic and reasoning. In addition, computers run other machines and answer questions. Also, they are used to guide astronauts on take-off.
Comparison or Contrast
like, likewise, as, similarly, at the same time, as  well as, both, all, in  comparison反差類
on the other hand,  in contrast, despite, nevertheless, yet, instead, rather,  notwithstanding, though,  regardless, unlike, although,  even though, whereas but, in  spite of, on the contrary, however
The sex of the instructor affected the extent of active student participation. In classes taught by  men with roughly equal proportions of male and female students, male students were responsible for about 75% of all  class discussion. Similarly, with women as instructors, female student participation  rose from 25% to 42%; in contrast, male  participation slipped from 75% to 58%.
important to note, most,  above all, especially valuable, a central issue, especially relevant, should be noted, the most substantial issue, remember that, a major event, the principal item, pay particular attention to, the chief factor, most of all, a significant factor, a primary concern, a key feature, the main value 說話人想說出最重要最核心的內容,說話人用這些詞引起聽眾的注意:
Although the resources of our world are limited, the wants of people are not. Indeed, one of the most important assumptions of economics is that the total human wants can never be satisfied. No matter how much we have, we seem to want more. As people’s income increase, so does their desire for more and better goods and services.
because, accordingly, for this reason, hence, resulting, as a result, o, then, thus, therefore, since, consequently 說話人欲表現兩個或多個事物之間的聯繫尤其是它們之間的因果關係:
Atherosclerosis is the result of the buildup of fat, fibrin, parts of dead cells, and  calcium on the inside of the arteries. No one knows what causes this disease, but a number of things can speed its development. These include smoking cigarettes and eating animal fat and cholesterol. Others include age, hypertension, diabetes, stress, heredity, and sex (males have more heart attacks).
thus, in short, to conclude, in  brief, in the end, in summary,  to reiterate, in conclusion, to  sum up, finally, therefore,  thus, as already stated 說話人欲復述或總結之前的話語:
Euthanasia is defined as mercy killing,  either by the sick people themselves or by their relatives or close friends. One  controversial doctor is a strong proponent of this act: Dr. Jack Krevorkian. Dr.  Krevorkian has publicly admitted to giving  assistance to people who have committed  suicide. As a result, he has been called a saint by some, a murderer by others.
define, is defined as, known as, that is, the term means, we mean, we can state, we refer to 說話人欲給術語下定義:
Our country has been obsessed with youth for far too many years. Age has been defined only as a decline from a peak of youth. Age is a fate worse than death. Negative stereotypes of older people are reinforced daily in the popular media, which contain very few examples of anyone 60 or older doing anything active or dynamic in society.
信號詞識別練習 - 超實用托福口說範例&技巧大全
信號詞識別練習 – Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

▪ 信號詞識別練習

🔶 將下列信號詞添入適當的分類中
as a result、however、most important、in addition、such as、but、for example、similarly、also、for example、differ consequently、therefore、alike、most significant、moreover、just as、especially valuable

Emphasis :
Addition (Continuation):
Illustration (Example):      

🔶 請大家儘快劃出下列短文中的信號詞。

🔸 One of the most persistent desires of human beings has been to indulge in mood-hanging and pleasure-giving practices. For instance, diverse cultures have engaged in the drinking of alcoholic beverages of all descriptions. But as with most pleasure, overindulgence can be harmful to oneself and others. Also, not everyone agrees that drinking or using other mood modifiers should be an accepted pleasure. (4 signal words)

🔸 Energy is used to cause chemical changes. For example, a chemical change occurs in the electroplating of metals when electrical energy is passed through a salt solution in which the metal is submerged. A chemical change also occurs when radiant energy from the sun is utilized by plants in the process of photosynthesis. Moreover, as we say, a chemical change occurs when heat causes mercuric oxide to decompose. Chemical changes are often used to produce energy rather than new substances. The heat or thrust generated during the combustion of fuels is more important than the products formed. (5 signal words)

🔸 But even those pre-agricultural people who had fairly stationary living sites did not develop in civilizing ways comparable to the farmers. Agriculture probably required a far greater discipline than did any form of food collecting. Seeds had to be planted at certain seasons, some protection had to be given to the growing plants and animals, harvests had to be reaped. stored, and divided.

Thus we might argue that it was neither leisure time nor a sedentary existence that produced great changes in human culture. The cause was rather the more rigorous demands associated with an agricultural way of life. Humanity was changing plants and animals to suit its needs, and living in close relation with plants and animals was changing humans way of life.  (9 signal words)


🔹 (2) 在閱讀(Reading)短文時做筆記
在第3和第4題中你會碰到兩篇閱讀短文,你所需要記筆記的內容就是在讀短文的過程中記下材料中的「main point」以及「examples」和「reasons」等等。切忌寫下過多的細節,或為了記筆記而忽略了中心思想。見下例(注意加黑處的信號詞):

Isaac Asimov
Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) was an amazing author who wrote an astounding amount of material on an even more astounding variety of subjects. His literary studies included line-by-line analyses of all of the play of Shakespeare; his historical research included works on the history of Greece, the Roman Empire, England, and France; he also wrote well-researched tomes on physics, chemistry, and astronomy. What he is most likely best known for today, however, is science fiction: his Foundation series on a galactic empire inspired by Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and the / Robot series about a future society where humans and robots coexist. In total, Asimov wrote more than 500 books on this wide variety of subjects.

▪ 從信號詞我們知道:
Main points about Asimov:

  •  wrote a huge amount of material (more than 500 books).
  • wrote on a wide variety of topics (literary analysis, history, physics, chemistry, astronomy, science fiction).

▪ 以下是兩篇閱讀短文,請迅速識別出其信號詞,並做出筆記:
The Dead Sea

The Middle Eastern body of water called Bahr Lut in Arabic is known as the Dead Sea in English. This body of water is said to be “dead” not because it is the dried-out remnant to survive in it. The Dead Sea is a landlocked body of water with the Jordan River as its source and no outlet. Its high salt content, which results from the rapid evaporation due to the area s extremely high temperatures, makes it the saltiest body of water on Earth.


Polling is, of course, a survey of certain people to find out how they feel about an issue or about a candidate for a government post in an election. Polling involves, simply, asking people how they feel about an issue or a person and them tallying the results. When it is not feasible to contact everyone involved to find out what each person thinks because there are, for example, too many people to contact each one individually, then a representative sample of people can be polled and the results of the representative sample can be attributed to the population as a whole.


🔹 (3) 在聽對話或講座時做筆記(Listening)
在聽講座或對話時,你需要關注主要觀點(major points)以及為了支撐其觀點所使用的例子(examples)原因(causes)

▪  Listening Passage:
(Professor): Now I’m sure you’re all wondering how Asimov managed to write so much. Well, the simple answer’s that he did almost nothing except writing because that’s what he was driven to do.

Asimov’s normal routine was to spend time, a lot of time, writing every day. He usually got up at 6 o’clock in the morning; he was at work writing by 7:30 in the morning, and he wrote until 10 o’clock in the evening. That’s a lot of time to spend writing. This desire to spend so much time writing prompted Asimov himself to say “Writing is my only interest. Even speaking is an interruption.”

▪ TOPIC OF LISTENING PASSAGE: how Asimov wrote so much
Main points about topic:

  • Asimov wrote from 7: 30 in the morning to 10 o’clock in the evening.
  • Asimov said,” Writing is my only interest.”


🔹 (4) 整合筆記,最終開口(Speaking)

  • 你的準備時間為30秒,回答時間為1分鐘,回答須同時包括所聽的材料和所讀文章中的資訊。
  • 在答題時不要涉及個人觀點,不要說例如「I think」之類的話。你的回答應該僅僅跟所讀的文章和所聽的材料有關。
  • 在Reading-Listening-Speaking部分中,可能會問你以下幾個向題:
  • 此部分的評分標準
  • 在30秒鐘的準備時間中,請務必仔細閱讀問題的題幹,聽完材料後查閱閱讀材料和聽力材料的筆記,提煉主要觀點和說出支撐論點的2~3個分論點。
  • 回答時間為1分鐘,時間應該完全夠用。語速適中,切記不要著急,請留意時間,你有20秒來展開每一個分論點。
  • 表達必須連貫一致,符合邏輯順序,適當使用Signal Words
  • 如欲介紹兩個材料中的主要觀點:
    The man’s opinion is that…
    The woman believes that…
    According to the lecture…
    The professor made the point that…
    The reading states that…

🔸 請看以下例子:


Of all the organisms responsible for diseases in plants, fungi cause the most problems. Although a fungus is technically a small plant, it cannot make its own food and therefore survives by being a parasite-living off other plant hosts. A common fungus, southern blight, affects many vegetables, including tomatoes and potatoes. It appears as a fuzzy white growth on the plant’s stem near soil level. When the plant is infected with the blight, it wilts and then dies. The fungus may spread to the soil, where it can survive for years.

Listening and Speaking

Now listen to part of a lecture in a botany class.

Of all the organisms responsible for diseases in plants, fungi cause the most problems. Although a fungus is technically a small plant, it cannot make its own food and therefore survives by being a parasite-living off other plant hosts. A common fungus, southern blight, affects many vegetables, including tomatoes and potatoes. It appears as a fuzzy white growth on the plant’s stem near soil level. When the plant is infected with the blight, it wilts and then dies.

The fungus may spread to the soil, where it can survive for years. Because a fungus can survive for years in soil, the best way to control such a disease is to remove and destroy the infected plants, as well as six centimeters of soil around them. Avoid spreading disease by washing off your tools and your shoes when you go from an infected area to a healthy part of your garden. At the end of the gardening season, do a complete cleanup.

You can also keep disease away by rotating crops. Crop rotation can be effective in preventing soil-borne disease, especially when the disease is caused by a fungus that likes specific plants. For example, the fungus that causes southern blight is attracted to tomatoes. Once this fungus is present, it will thrive in the soil from year to year, attacking the tomato plants.

With crop rotation, you don’t grow the same plant in the same place for at least three consecutive years. So, for example, if you grow tomatoes one year, the next year you shouldn’t plant tomatoes in the same place. By planting something else the second and third years, any tomato-loving fungus that survived the winter wouldn’t have any tomato plants to feed on. With three years between planting tomatoes, the fungus will die off from lack of a host plant.

Question (Narrator)
Explain ways that a gardener can control plant disease caused by a fungus, and explain why these methods work.

(Preparation Time : 30 seconds  Response Time: 60 seconds )

Here are two notes that two students took during the sample lecture. Add other words and phrases that you think are important to remember about the lecture.

Student 2

fungus, soil, years
control fungus

destroy plants, soil around
remove 6 cm soil
wash tools, shoes

crop rotation
specific, tomato blight
fungus cause disease
crop rotation
soil-year to year

3 years
don’t plant same place
1 tomato
2 other plants
fungus die off

fungus die, lack host


Response by Student
A gardener can control plant disease caused by a fungus. One way is to destroy sick plants and also destroy the soil around plants. This method works because a fungus lives in the soil. Another way is to wash tools and shoes. This will avoid spreading the disease. Another way is to use crop rotation for a tomato blight. Don’t plant tomatoes in the same place every year. This method works because the fungus will die off. The reason is there are no tomato plants to eat.

Response by Student 2
A fungus kills plants because it lives in the soil. You can control fungus by removing infected plants and six centimeters of the soil. Also, crop rotation can control plant disease caused by a fungus. The fungus lives in soil year to year, so crop rotation is three years. For example, plant tomatoes in the first year. In the second and third year, plant other plants. Crop rotation causes the fungus to die because it lacks a host plant.



例 2:Listening

Woman: Hi, Brett.
Man: Hi, Karen.

Woman: You don’t look too happy, Brett. Is anything the matter?
Man: You can tell I’ m upset just by looking at me?

Woman: Yeah, it’s pretty obvious. You want to tell me what’s bothering you?
Man: Well, it’s that I m having trouble in my economics class, and I just talked to the professor. She didn’t seem too sympathetic.

Woman: She didn’t ? What’s the problem?
Man: Well, it’s that I’m on the baseball team.

Woman: I know. I’ve seen you play. But what does that have to do with your economics class?
Man: It’s the away games. That’s the problem. The away games are all on the weekend, but usually when we’re traveling to another school for a weekend game, we leave on Friday. The team bus usually leaves about noon on Friday.

Woman: And that has something to do with your economics class?
Man: Yeah, my economics class meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, in the afternoon!

Woman: I see. So you miss your economics class once in a while on Friday afternoons?
Man: Not just once in a while. It’s been every Friday for the last four weeks.

Woman: And you talked to your economics professor about this?
Man: Yes, I did. And I told her why I missed class on Fridays.

Woman: But she wasn’t very sympathetic you said.
Man: She wasn’t sympathetic at all.

Woman: I think that’s because you’ve missed so many classes… Listen, have you thought about switching to a different section of the class? I think there’s another section of the same class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Man: I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe that would be something to consider, since my professor’s not at all happy that I miss class so much.

🔸 聽完了這個材料後你所做的筆記應該類似於下面的文字:
TOPIC OF LISTENING PASSAGE: problem man is having with economics class
Main points about problem:

  • Man is missing economics class on Fridays because he is on the baseball team.
  • Woman suggests changing to a different section of economics class that does not meet on Fridays.

🔸 這道題的問題如下:
Question: How does the woman react to the man’s problem?

Sample Answer:
In this listening passage, two students discuss a problem the man has with his economics class. First, the man explains that he has the problem that he is missing his economics class on Fridays because he is on the baseball team and he travels to away games on Fridays. Then after the woman understands this problem, she suggests that he change to a different section of economics class, one that does not meet on Fridays.


備考建議 - 超實用托福口說範例&技巧大全
備考建議 – Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

🔷 備考建議

  • 辭彙準備
  • 發音準備
  • 錄製準備
  • 筆記準備



托福口說做筆記技巧分享 - 超實用托福口說範例&技巧大全
TOEFL口說做筆記技巧分享 – 《 超實用TOEFL托福口說範例&技巧大全 》



  • 第一:書寫內容太多,大多是不實用的資訊,不方便梳理和提取重要資訊。
  • 第二:頁面不夠清晰,相對有些亂,口說表達是思路也隨著潦草的筆記混亂起來。



🔵 TOEFL口說做筆記技巧一:記什麼


口譯專家羅贊(Rozan)曾經明確地指出筆記的原則是記錄源語所表達出的意思,而不是僅僅把源語中的單詞羅列在紙上(Note ideas, not words!)。那麼,怎樣來記大意呢?


其中,主題詞關鍵字常為句子中的主要成分,即主(subject,S)謂(常為謂語動 詞,verb,V)賓(object,O)。所以我們可以把關鍵句中的主語謂語動詞賓語記錄下來。


例如 TPO1 第三題的聽力中有這樣一句話

You didn’t know? An anonymous donor is paying the bill for most of the sculpture.
(你不知道嗎?一位匿名的捐贈者將負責這 尊雕像的大部分費用。)

我們聽到這句話後需要記錄的內容為「An anonymous donor pay the bill (sculpture)」,甚至這裡的bill 都可以用符號表示,其實就是金錢唄,可以用¥$等等來表示。說到金錢符號,符號的記錄也是有很多技巧的,我們還需要記錄一些包括數位、專有名詞這樣的資訊。


如 TPO2 第五題中, 女學生和教授在討論他們的出行計畫和另一位教授的布展計畫時,分別談到了出行所需時 間「a 3 day trip」、布展時間「spend next week」、出行日期等資訊「we don’t leave until Wednesday」。這些都是重要的資訊,需要記錄下來。





  • 第一,書寫內容太多,並不方便記錄。
  • 第二,頁面不夠清晰,相對有些亂。



🔵 TOEFL口說做筆記技巧三:縮略書寫

🔷 縮略
縮略書寫就是用儘量少的字元來表達源語的含義。這個概念,考生應該都不會太陌生。 為什麼這麼說呢,來看這幾個例子:
① Uni., Dep.
③ BJ, SH


① 大學(university);系、學院(department)
② 順帶一提(by the way);儘快(as soon as possible);附言(postscript)
③ 北京(Beijing);上海(Shanghai)

這些就是縮略書寫最為常見和廣泛應用的例子,被稱為縮略(abbreviation)。在遇到一個超過 5 個字母的單詞時,我們用這個單詞中的某幾個字元(一般不超過 4 個)來代 替這個單詞,就是我們要強調縮略的概念。

經過縮略,上面 TPO例子中的筆記可以為: ano. donor pay scul.。


professor →prof. programme → prog. assignment → asg.
including → inc. excluding → exc. reason → R.
because →bec. possible → psb problem → prob.
solution → Sl. conception → conc. definition → def.
example →eg science → sci. computer → pc
schedule → schd conflict → conf.

這些縮略可能會因人而異, 希望考生自己在備考過程中留意總結,熟練使用自己的縮略方式。但是建議大家記下相應單詞的輔音字母而不是記下這個單詞的前幾個字母。


🔷 符號

  1. + (加、還有、包括、和、以及) (減、沒有、除去、不包括)
  2. × (乘、也可以表示錯誤、不同意、行不通等含義)÷ (除)
  3. = (等於) (約等於、與„„類似)
  4. (不等於) (全等於)
  5. > (大於、優於、超過、重要于、優先於)< (小於、劣於、少於、比不上)
  6. (因為、由於、原因) (所以、於是) (成比例)
  7. (上升、增多、加強) (下降、減少、削弱)
  8. (逐漸上升、逐漸增多、逐漸加強) (逐漸下降、逐漸減少、逐漸削弱)

像這些數學符號、標點符號、其他常用的科學符號甚至是考生自己管用的筆記符號都可以拿來代替一些單詞或片語。例如,考生可以用標點符號中的冒號來表明 「某人、某機構說了什麼或發佈了什麼聲明」。


🔵 TOEFL口說做筆記技巧四:筆記排列方式



🔷 我們在記筆記的時候應該注意三個方面:

  1. 豎向書寫。
  2. 縮進書寫。
  3. 區分邏輯線錯詞相應內容。




 ⭐ 基本只需要準備一個範本。⭐

現在 開始。

最喜歡的地方?電影院 因為可以看哈利波特
印象最深的人?一個朋友 他介紹我看哈利波特
印象最深刻的時刻 ? 第一次看哈利波特
最喜歡的room? 臥室 因為我經常在臥室看哈利波特
最重要的發明?電影 可以看哈利波特

喜歡大城市 小城市? 大城市 可以看哈利波特
喜歡一個人住還是和室友? 和室友 可以一起看哈利波特
喜歡寫信還是email?email 可以互相分享各種attachment 比如哈利波特

基本能覆蓋 80% 其他的大家可以分類看下
不需要積累特別多 topic

最喜歡的節日? 電影節,可以看哈利波特
如果可以見一個明星? 哈利波特
最喜歡的運動?魁地奇 哈利波特
喜歡在家辦公還是在辦公室? 在家 因為我是哈利迷 我家裝修得和哈利波特一樣
家人朋友給我的意見…. 朋友介紹我看哈利波特 英語變得叼炸天
你喜歡單獨學習?還是group study? group study 因為哈利波特裡面那三個人是一個group 他們最終戰勝大boss
若果有一大筆錢… 我會去 visit 哈利波特的拍攝地





TOEFL口辭彙 多練是硬道理!



在我們英語表述當中,很多人不會的無非就是兩大塊問題:辭彙 + 語法

辭彙量的缺乏肯定會導致你語言表述不出來或是不準確,再或者較為簡單單調。語法掌 握不好會引起病句或根本無法連詞成句的情況。所以我們在平時要想提高英語,尤其是想要提高TOEFL考試的應試能力,不管對於TOEFL考試的哪一個單項,辭彙+語法 都是最基本的,也是最重要的。

很多同學都已經意識到了辭彙量的重要性,平時也都有背單詞的習慣,但是你們背單詞的方法真的對了嘛?真的適用於TOEFL口說的學習嗎?大多數同學背單詞都是拿著本單字書,看英文把TOEFL口說辭彙的中文意思記住就可以了,每天背上個50、80個都有,確實這種方法對於做閱讀看文章比較有效。可是對於TOEFL口說, 就不那麼適用了。因為TOEFL口說你是要會把這些單詞給用上的,要能夠說得出帶進一個語境當中的

所以在背口說單詞時,可以不用先急著追求量,一天就背 20個單詞。但是這20個單詞,一定要記住它的發音、詞性、搭配、用法等,去看看例句結合著一定的語境記憶。等到你能夠真正看著中文能夠用它造一句話這個 單詞才叫做會背了。是不是挺麻煩呢?但是沒辦法,如果你一直只看英文記中文你永遠也不會把這個單詞用上去。




  • 提示1:隨時隨地練習口說。
    Practice wherever you can and whenever you can. Any practice is good,whether you speak to someone who is a native English speaker or not.
  • 提示2:大膽運用所掌握的辭彙,不要過分拘泥於語法。
    Try to experiment with the English you know. Use words and phrases you knowing new situations. Native English speakers are more likely to correct you if you use the wrong word than if you use the wrong grammar. Experimenting with vocabulary is a really good way of getting feedback.
  • 提示3:遇到不知該如何表達的時候,用一些常用詞表示自己正在思考。
    If you forget a word, do what native English speakers do all the time, and say things that “fill” the conversation. This is better than being completely silent. Try using um or er,if you forget the word.
  • 提示4:以表達清晰為主,句型多樣化為次。
    It’s important to build your confidence. If possible, use simple English sentence structure that you know is correct, so that you can concentrate ongetting your message across.
  • 提示5:說話時儘量放鬆,讓發音流利順暢。
    Try to relax when you speak. When you speak English at a normal speed, you will discover that most of the pronunciation skills, such as linking between words, will happen automatically.
  • 提示6:儘量避免翻譯。
    Try not to translate from or into your own language. This takes too much time and will make you more hesitant.
  • 提示7:語速不要過快。
    Don’t speak too fast. It’s important tousle a natural rhythm when speaking English. But if you speak too fast, it will be difficult for people to understand yo.
  • 提示8:透過身體語言理解對方意思並作出回應。
    Try to respond to what people say to you. You can often get clues to what people think by looking at their body language. Respond to them in a natural way.

最後溫情提示:Don’t be shy to speak! The more you practice, the more confident you will become.




  1. 從小到大英語課上幾乎都沒有針對口說進行過練習,說不出來。
  2. 面對電腦感覺很奇怪,會很緊張。
  3. 不知道自己發音、語言是不是道地,沒有信心。